ADSL_broadband2-300x202.jpgBroadband Internet Services

All Micro-e broadband packages include a FREE fixed IP Address and UNLIMITED downloads


  • Superfast Business Broadband in partnership with Plusnet
  • Contract term of 1 month minimum – most operators are 3 – 12 months minimum.
  • Free Migrations on all connections – free if you have an existing broadband connection and migrate it to Micro.
  • No download restrictions – certain broadband providers now offer services which restrict the amount of data that may be downloaded.
  • Fixed IP Address – unlike many service providers Micro-e provides a fixed IP address (a unique identifier) with all packages. This is an important consideration for networking, VOIP and other future applications.
  • Even Higher speeds – no problem -ADSL2+ is the broadband technology used to provide up to 20Mbps download speeds and up to 1Mbps upload speeds 
  • Always On – the connection is available 24/7, click your browser for instant connection.
  • Fixed Fee – you pay a fixed fee per month for broadband so there are no /unexpectedly high phone bills as for dial up internet calls.
  • Use your phone/fax at the same time – you can continue to make normal voice and fax calls on the line at the same time as using your broadband service. A direct analogue line is all that is required.
  • Extremely reliable – users can expect high reliability.


What package is best for my business?

Call Us and we will Help and advise.

Your choice of package will be dictated by your budget and your requirements for the service.

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