Computer network supply & installation services

Wired, wireless networks & VPNs


Networked computers are becoming essential for business success: you need to share office resources, data, printers, faxes; you need to share information with colleagues, sometimes in another building or another country; you need to send e-mails and access the internet.

For a small business the complexity and terminology can be confounding: do you need a LAN, WAN, an Intranet, a wireless or cabled network, an Extranet, a VPN or ADSL; how do you connect everything together; how do you manage it and keep it all secure?

Whether it’s a first network, or an expansion to multiple sites or many users, we give plain speaking guidance to get things going, implement it and then, when it’s all installed and running, we provide support to keep it that way.


Our intranet knowledge management solutions help our customers replace paper based information systems, and share knowledge across their organisations, so that staff in different locations can collaborate on the same items of work, often with workflow applications that help them manage the sequence of tasks for different business processes.

Network security

As soon as a computer or network is connected to the Internet, security becomes an issue and, with broadband services providing an “always connected” service, the opportunity for hackers may increase. This is why we always help our customers implement stringent security precautions, placing a ‘firewall’ around their systems and data to prevent unauthorised access. We also help them install and manage anti-virus software to minimise any risk.