Datafile Accounting Solutions

Datafile Software is the most adaptable accounting, and management information system available in the UK today. More than 7,500 users of Datafile software systems in every type and size of business can testify to Datafile’s effectiveness, including such well known names as EMI’s Abbey Road Studios, The Children’s Society and Tie Rack plc.


datafile-logo.jpgDatafile is different

Datafile matches the way you work; storing the information you require, fitting your business processes and giving you the information you require to manage the business. They key to this flexibility lies in Datafile’s unique open user-definable database, supported by one of the widest range of system options on the market. Enhancements to the system that can take days or weeks with other systems, can be completed in hours or minutes with Datafile.

There are four upwardly compatible product levels to suit any size of business from micro to multi-million pound operations. Each product level is modular, so you can choose just those functions that you require from the wide range on offer. So whether you are looking for your first system, or have outgrown your current system, try Datafile for size.


Datafile-saves-you-money.jpgDatafile saves you money

Adapting Datafile to your needs takes significantly less time, and so costs less, compared with other systems. You can grow and adapt the system, as your company grows and expands in the future.This flexibility does not come at an added price with Datafile Software. It comes as standard.

SAGE Integration – New Feature ….
Datafile Agility for Sage brings a new dimension to management information systems


Datafile-Agility.jpgThe Datafile Advantage

  • Today’s business systems should offer more than just accounting and invoice production.
  • They should match every part of your operations giving you the vital management information and performance indicators you need to run your business.
  • By implementing Datafile Software, your business drives the way the software operates no matter how varied your business processes or demands are.
  • This allows your business to grow and meet the ever changing demands from customers, suppliers, management and employees.
  • Datafile Agility Integrates with  Sage Line 50 to give incredible functionality and flexibility or as an alternative to Line 100 and Line 200


Datafile-Integration-Map.jpgLine Of Business Applications

  • Estimating
  • Transport
  • Quality Control
  • EDI
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Warranty Management
  • Timesheet Billing
  • Property Rentals
  • Contract Processing


Established 1981 Micro Engineering Ltd  supply and support  Datafile Agility ‘The most flexible accounting and business solution software’